Monday, April 1, 2013

Two Roads (with apologies to Robert Frost)

Two roads diverged into a yellow wood
And mesmerized, there I stood
The fluttering leaves on a gentle breeze
Whispered to me with the ease…

Of a lover caressing his blossoming love
A match only made in heaven above,
Two kisses, a touch, a smile, a caress
The two entwined as they were blessed.

And with the breeze there came to be
A brilliant, red cardinal beckoning to me
My eyes followed his flittering flight
As my soul soared with gleaming delight...

Dreaming of places I’d not yet seen
People and cultures and frolicking streams
Dancing flowers splashed on meadows and moors
Brilliant sunsets over oceans and shores.

I stood amazed where the two roads diverged
And felt absolutely no nudging or urge
To move from this moment of reverie and delight
To break the beautiful moments that filled my sight

With joy, unspeakable to be present and know
Of the love that went into this beauty and glow.
May I always remember with love and with cheer
These beautiful moments, at this time of year.

Precious Linda, c. 2013

With a writing prompt of using the first line of a poem.

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