Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Kitchen Table

yesterday, left behind,
with a table filled with yesterday,
thirteen orange juice bottles,
standing, side by side
filled with aging water
for the fish aquarium,
repotted geranium plants,
pruned from winter growth,
beginning to blossom,
a book and photograph,
a gift from a friend,
visited yesterday,
a plastic bag, filled with
an assortment of bandages
and supplies, a container
of Vaseline to cover
a recent skin biopsy,
a library book
to be returned,
3-hole punch paper,
in a wrapper, on its way
from storage to the office,
a home-made wristband
made from a sock
to hold gauze on the wrist,
but it didn’t work,
two more pieces
of the cut sock,
waiting to find its purpose,
an empty box of
Playtex Living Gloves,
extra long gloves, used
to wash dishes by hand
without getting the
wrist wet

one look at the table
with clutter overtaking,
stirred up within her
feelings of
rising up to
overflowing and

needing rest from
a tiring day before,
she went to lie down
with thoughts and feelings
swirling through her
heart, mind, and soul,
filling her head
and all extra spaces,
with no place
to just be

and then,
she sensed
the Lord
speak to her,

Will you clear off
your table, please,
making room
for Me
will you share
a cup of tea
with Me?

she smiled at the idea,
went out to the kitchen
and looked again
at the mess,
scribbled a poem,
tired as she was,
and began to
prepare a cup of tea,
cleaned off a small
place on the table
and began to feel
real again,
in the present moment
of grace,
to spend time
with the Lord,
in spirit,
with nothing
more important,
to distract her,
for those few
sacred moments
of time
sitting at her
kitchen table,
in sweet communion,
with her Lord.

Precious Linda, c.2013


  1. I love these kinds of lists poems. Very well done : )

    1. On April 25, 2013, I wrote:

      "Thanks, Lynn! I'm also glad I eventually got the table cleared off, except for the repotted geranium plants! (smile!)"

      I hope you're enjoying the summer and finding time to write!