Friday, April 26, 2013

My Teddy Bear and I

I have a pink, Teddy bear,
I hold her close and tight,
To comfort her from memories
Of days gone by and fright.

She needs the comfort of my arms,
I hold her close, you see,
To keep her safe from all alarm,
To know she’s safe with me.

She isn’t able on her own
To settle down in peace.
She needs the comfort of my arms,
In slumber, to release.

Her memories are different
Than mine would ever be.
I can’t believe the things she says,
It never would be me!

And yet, my body says a lot,
With frightened feelings, too,
And then I hold my Teddy bear
And tell her, “I love you!”

The wounds and fears, the great big tears,
The little ones, as well,
The scary thoughts that come our way,
That drag us right through hell,

Remain no longer buried deep,
But move along to find
The way back from the recesses,
From deep within our mind.

I wonder if the things she feels
Will ever feel like I,
Right now I cannot fathom them,
Nor see them with my eye.

No matter what tomorrow brings,
My bear and I will try,
Together to become as one,
One person, she and I.

Precious Linda, c. 2013

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